String Inverters

String Inverters EA30/35KTLSI
Manufacturer: EAST
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High Reliability

  • Long-life film capacitors design, Inverter design life of 26 years
  • Natural cooling, waterproof, anti-dust. excellent anti-corrosion ablilly With positive and negative
    Islanding protection, grid relay redundancy protection, safe and reliable
  • Multi-layer. step software hardware over current, over voltage, over temperature and short circut protection.
    6 strings fault monitoring, quickly poslllonlng the string faults

Advanced control technology

  • Multi-level inverters with SPWM and SVPWM double modulallon. smooth natural switch
  • Self-adaptive control, accommodate rough weak grid environment
  • Current harmonic compensation. grid current harmonic 1 %
  • Support reactive and active electric network management and SVG function
  • Low voltage ride through function

User friendly and flexible 

  • Multi-Language LCD display screen, easy to set multi-operation parameter
  • Inbuilt DC SPD and fuse, avoid DC combiner box to decrease user system cost
  • Wall mounted design, whole aluminum molding shell in one time and with DC breaker, safe and easy for maintenance
  • outdoor design with IP65

More Power Generation

  • Transformer-less design;
  • Max. Conversion efficiency 98.6% euro efficiency 9 98.4%.
  • 3 MPP inputs maximize the power generation ability of the shadowed PV module:

Wide MPPT voltage range (320-900V), longer lime of daily power generation

  • Intelllgent MPPT algorithm. maximum power point not affected by the sun light change.
  • Wide working temperature -25-60-C continuously generating power in high temperature environment


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