Three Phase Inverter

Three Phase Inverter EA-13K/17K/20K-TL
Manufacturer: EAST
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  • Including three series, 7 models
  • Both economical and high efficiency
  • Smaller and lighter, 20KW-TL weighs only 45kg
  • External Inductor
  • LCD screen with four buttons
  • Ethernet wifi or GPRS cascade data communication technology
  • User,installer,distributor,Omnik headquarter all-round remote control
  • Meets VDE-AR-N4105, BDEW approval
  • Built-in lightning protection module as anoption


  • Meets all the needs of medium power three phase inverter
  • Economy, high reliability and long life circle
  • Convenient to transport and instal
  • Reducing machine temperature,extends device lifetime!
  • Easy to operate, user friendly
  • One power station needs only one monitoring equipment
  • Real-time operation condition accessible, fast fault responding speed
  • Adjustable active and reactive power
  • Built-in lightning protection module (eliminating the need for externalone)


  • Choosing suitable product according to actual need
  • Reducing system cost, quick cost- recovering, gaining profit
  • Saving transportation and installation time and cost, saving installation space
  • Increased machine working life
  • Machine operation condition vividly visible
  • Reducing system cost, while ensuring data precis iontransmission
  • Actively offering after-saleservice
  • Meeting the most advanced standard in the industry, providing machine performance guarantee
  • Simplified system structure, saving installation time andspace


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