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What we do

We are a company specialized in Solar Energy and Irrigation Systems. Being a team of renewable energy professionals, we are experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of Solar and Hydraulic Energy systems and have been working in this industry for years. In addition, Revive carries out the online sale of all kinds of material for solar installations, wind energy, and irrigation, to individuals and professionals. We are backed by the trust of our clients and have received multiple quality certifications in these years.

If you want to hire our design, advice, and information service for projects of new installations, maintenance, and repair of equipment, contact us without obligation. Our technical team will be in charge of the design, choice of material, consumption calculation, financing advice, installation, and maintenance that your project needs.

In Revive, you will experience a solar panel paradise. We have solar panels at prices for all audiences. The price of solar panels has fallen dramatically in recent years, as well as that of solar panel batteries, with the lurking of new lithium technologies. At Revive, you will find prices for photovoltaic solar panels for everyone. We offer from a small photovoltaic solar kit for your country house to a high-power solar panel kit for your home.

In addition, we have a wide variety of second-hand solar panels. Thanks to the great guarantee that manufacturers provide, we can take advantage of this fact and offer our clients cheap but best-working solar panels. Our second-hand solar panels are checked to ensure that they do not have defects and that they provide the expected power based on their date of manufacture.

How we can get most out of nature

Solar electricity is the electricity generate by the sunlight in the form of thermal energy. The sunlight can be captured in various ways to generate electricity but the most common way is adopting photovoltaic solar panels. These panels convert the sunlight into the usable form of electricity. Thus energizing the electrical equipment at residential and commercial properties.

Owners use this technology by installing a solar system in their spaces to take full advantage of this solar energy produce by sunlight. Revive is working to bring this natural resource to maximum people of Pakistan and giving them awareness. So people can benefit from nature.

Why consider Revive for solar panels?

Revive offers energy-saving solutions mainly in the photovoltaic solar energy segment. Our mission is to open the market for electricity self-consumption all over Pakistan, and bring solar technology closer to companies and families. For this reason, we offer comprehensive photovoltaic solutions at a residential, commercial, and industrial level. We promote clean energy, not only because of its friendly spirit with the environment and society but because it is clearly profitable from a financial perspective. The technological advances that we have to allow us to bring you all the information so that you can consider a solar installation that will save you money for more than 25 years.

Today it is financially viable to take advantage of free solar radiation in our own homes or businesses. Revive is in the renewable energy industry because we firmly believe in its long-term potential.

What do we offer to our clients?

It is time to switch to renewable energy sources, specifically that offered by solar panels. Take advantage of one of the best alternative energies such as photovoltaic energy to charge batteries, charge electric cars, save energy or to take care of our environment.We offer various services related to the energy provided by solar panels.


Revive repairs and renovates existing facilities so that you never stop using the sun’s energy.


Revive proposes, organizes, and executes the photovoltaic solar installation from start to finish, carrying out the appropriate legalizations and delivering the turnkey installation.


We carry out preventive or corrective maintenance according to the need of the installation, thus avoiding losing solar use.

Our Additional Services Include


Peace of mind knowing that without changing your habits, you can save money. While we monitor your installation from our offices at all times to know when something is not going well and act so that you continue to enjoy the tranquility of your home.


Real savings without small print, install and save money every month.With our planning you will be able to see the annual savings depending on the chosen installation.Save while helping the environment.


With the security of always having behind a company that strives to please the customer, we have carried out more than installations. Our top priority is the security of your solar panels.

Chairman Message

I would like to thank every one of you, who connected with Revive including customers, hardworking employees, passionate and affiliate partners for all your support, and efforts to make Revive successfully. I feel very honored to be a part of this organization.

Revive believes to generate the opportunity and reduces the problems regarding electric power by providing the best solar and alternative customized solutions to the clients. Revive is one of the best solar companies in Pakistan who have the courage to move forward and provide new innovations in solar energy domain. Revive always puts its best efforts to match the market needs and meet the customer demands with the help of the experienced team and members with our operational efficiency.

In today’s world of the rapid and dynamic changes in our society, we try to remain committed and responsible for our social and economic responsibilities. Through all our efforts we try to ensure that all economic, social, and environmental factors are considered in our organization. On behalf of company, I thank all the reliable partners of Revive and those passionate workers who are the reason behind the trust we got as a company.

Our Mission

Revive is a company that operates in the renewable energy sector, created as an innovative company specialized in new technologies in the photovoltaic field. We are a company that seeks to save small and large consumers, giving individual treatment to each specific case. Offering competitive prices in competitive times. Our aim is to aid our clients all over the country and get them the best solar panel installation services in the most reasonable prices.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring the energy from the sun to any home, thus reducing the consumption of the home or industry and offering an improvement in the quality of life of people. We were born to be the one-stop solution to all the electricity issues. Excellence is what we strive for!

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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